Mt. Washington Summit Climb

April 5, 2008


The team

Home...Hermits Lake Shelter #8

View from shelter

View from shelter

Left side of Tuckerman's

Left side of Tuckerman's

Tuckerman Ravine

Tuckerman Ravine (Bowl)

Me and Tuckerman

checking out the massive winds in the bowl

Winds around the bowl

Winds around the bowl

avalanche rescue dog

avalanche rescue dog (chk out the vest!)

Ready for the climb. The bowl at 6am

Megan taking a break at lower Lions Head

Hasan front pointing the lower Lions Head

Hanging with the clouds on the Lions Head steep snow slopes

Cloudy sunrise

Toping out on the Lions Head snow slope (Manoni in the back getting some chow)

Taking a break on Lions Head rock

Breaking the alpine crust on the cone

At the summit!

Mt Washington summit sign

Summit Building

Summit Building

Eating my jerkey sandwich while hiding from the winds in the entrance to the summit building.

Hanging out on Lions Head rock while on the way down